Finally, a Thunder sighting!

Since I have lived in Oklahoma City and have followed the Thunder, it has been my goal to see/meet a Thunder player in person.

When the NBA lockout ended, I tweeted to a bunch of the OKC Thunder players.  I was psyched when I saw this tweet back from James Harden.

It doesn’t take much to excite me.

Last night, I went to meet T and some friends at the Biting Sow downtown.  Even though I drive downtown all the time, I seem to get lost easily.  I was driving around blindly with my window half way rolled down to hear the blues music and trying to find my way to the place.  I start driving down a street with a grassy median.  I’m slowly driving and there is a tall African American male, nicely dressed, about to cross the street in front of me.  He decided to stop and wait for me to pass.  He looked familiar so I slow down, and suddenly I realize who it is…

None other than Serge Ibaka, or Serge “IBlocka” because he’s a badass at blocking shots.

How am I so sure that it was Serge Ibaka?  I stopped in the middle of the road.  I didn’t slow down, I stopped.  With my window half way down. Staring right at him 3 feet from me.  Because I am so smooth and well-articulated, I said absolutely nothing.  I couldn’t find words.  He looked at me  like, “Lady, are you gonna drive on or not?”  I stopped and stared at him for a good 5 seconds, then drove on and called T immediately.  She was freaking out as much as I was, because he is her favorite Thunder player.

We considered going back to see if we could see him again, or as some would call it “stalking.” We decided against it.  You may think that a 26 year old woman would be more mature and not get so excited about such a small thing, but please don’t give me that much credit.

I leave you with this.
Helllloooooooo Serge.


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