Ouch, Charlie!

Being a runner, my muscles get sore and tight all of the time.  One of the things I like to use on a regular basis is Biofreeze.  If you’ve never used Biofreeze, it basically leaves a cool and tingling sensation that kind of numbs the area where you apply it.
Last Saturday, I had a longer run and I ran faster than I normally do.  My hip flexors and adductors were definitely feeling it, so I decided to apply some Biofreeze to the areas.

An hour or two later, I forgot that I had applied the Biofreeze.  It was pretty hot and humid, and I was chatting with some friends outside on a patio.  As the day went on it got hotter and hotter. I started to feel some burning, and not the therapeutic tingle of Biofreeze.  This was hell fire burning hot and it was amplifying by the minute.

Sweating + humidity+ heat + Biofreeze = Painful (<–understatement)

It gave a whole new meaning to FireCrotch.Lesson learned.


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