Weekend. Norman Music Festival.

This weekend I went to my hometown for one of my best friend’s baby’s birthday party.  He just turned one and is getting so big.  It was good to see my friends because it’s so rare that we are all off on the same day to get together.

We met in nursing school and have stayed good friends afterward, even though our lives have taken us different places.  We try to get a picture together every time we are able to and we definitely got one this time.

I’m not even a fan of this picture of myself because it looks like I’m 4 months pregnant and am standing like I have to pee.  I do enjoy it because of the quick amount of time we had to take it in.
Photo: Ashley, Brock, Mandy, Me, and Melissa

It looks like a pretty normal picture of a group of friends, right?  If you haven’t noticed, take a look to the far left of the tiny legs in midair with no body.  That’s Ashley’s son Brayden.  He was throwing a fit because he didn’t want to go home and since I was insistent on a picture together before she left, she just stuffed him behind her back as he was yelling.  Good times. 🙂

I came back home and went to the Norman Music Festival with T.  It was pretty crowded, but we had a good time.  We saw The Damn Quails, Other Lives, and Portugal. The Man play.  PTM was definitely my favorite, but the others were great too.  I love listening to live music, it soothes my soul.

This is another picture I’m not crazy about, and I’m sure T will kill me for putting it on here, but I have a reasoning for posting it.

Yes we look scraggly and sweaty, but it was humid and we were shoved in the middle of a billion people.

Also, if you didn’t notice…
I like a good photo bomb, and for some reason this guy’s face just cracks me up.  I may be easily amused, but there it is.

Oh and one last thing I cannot forget!


Look at this game winning shot by KD. Am-A-Zing.



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