As a night shift nurse, that works from 7pm to 7 am, my sleep schedule is
screwed up.

  • Days that I work, I will usually sleep from 8am to 3pm.
  • The day that I just got off work and am off for a stretch, I will sleep from 8am to 12pm to try to flip back to normal.
  • On regular days that I don’t work, it just varies.

I only have to work 3 nights a week, which is pretty lucky.  I can plan vacations and have long stretches of 6-7 days off if I wanted because we have the luxury of self scheduling.

My sleep schedule, as you can imagine, makes me pretty tired.  That’s just the life of a night shift nurse.  You never feel fully rested.  My sleep schedule definitely effects how well my running will go from day to day too.  I’ve worked three years on night shift, and it’ll probably be at least a couple of more years until I decide to move to days.

I saw this quote the other night:

Um, that’s very untrue.  I remember one night that I got 17 hours of sleep and it was glorious.  There was also a night that I slept from 6pm to 10pm, got up and ate a sandwich, went back to sleep at 11pm, and didn’t wake up until 10am the next day.
That was a good day.

If you couldn’t tell already, I absolutely love sleep.  I can sleep in the day or night without any problems.  I don’t have to use any sleep aids normally, and when I do, it’s 5mg of melatonin.

If I ever decide to have children, that’s one thing that is definitely going to change.  I couldn’t just sleep whenever I wanted, and when I did, it would be broken sleep.  That’s no bueno.  Most of my friends have children, and one thing I never hear them say is, “MAN, I got SOOO much sleep last night.”


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