Injury prone.

Lately I haven’t been able to run because my lower back has been a little tweaked.  I put off going to the chiropractor because I tend to do that.  Turns out my quads are really tight, and my hamstrings are ridiculously tight in which both are causing some torsion and tilt to my pelvis.  My lower back ligaments are inflamed, but after some deep tissue massage and adjustments, it feels a little better.

I’ve got some new stretches to do and I was told to continue with my foam rolling and trigger point ball therapy.  I’m supposed to go back next week and see how my progress is doing.  As long as it doesn’t hurt while I run, I can continue to run.  However, it has been hurting a little when I run so therefore I haven’t.

Can’t a girl get a break?  I just want to run.  Is that too much to ask?

I understand it could be worse and that I could have a fracture or something like that, but I’ve already taken 3 months off of running and that was soooo frustrating.

Looks like I’ll be couch potato-ing  and computer nerd-ing for a bit.
Let’s be real, I already do both of these things.

2 thoughts on “Injury prone.

    • Thanks! I hope your IT band gets better too! Injuries suck. Why can’t people who want to run, just run with no problems?!

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