Spanish Ribs

I’m not observant in the least bit.  I will glance at things, and my mind will see something completely different.  If it’s not directly in front of me, I probably won’t notice it; even then it’s unlikely that I’ll notice it.

This is a conversation between my friend and I as we are driving down a road that I drive on a somewhat consistent basis.

Me: I really want to try Spanish Ribs.

Friend: What?

Me: Spanish Ribs.  I don’t know what they are, maybe extra spicy ribs, but it sounds interesting.

Friend: Why are you even saying this?  Where did that even come from?

Me: That restaurant back there! “Spanish Ribs”

Friend: There isn’t a restaurant called Spanish Ribs.

Me: Um, yes there is.  It’s in that little shopping center across from the nail place.

Friend: Turn around.  It’s not Spanish Ribs, you idiot.

So I turn around and I realize that all this time what I thought was “Spanish Ribs” is actually:

You can see how I would think that would say “Spanish Ribs,” right?

Now that I know it says “Steve’s Rib”, I’m not that interested in trying it.  I’m so fickle.


I have been slacking with running lately, and I’m going to try to get a run in today before work.  We will see how that goes.


I’m so glad I have friends like T, who text me pictures like this:
I’m not a fan of Chris Brown at all, but this makes me laugh so much.
I hope it makes you laugh too.

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