Gluteus Medius, I hate you.

Everyone has heard of the “Gluteus Maximus”, but not everyone has heard of that muscle called the “Gluteus Medius.”  Well, my gluteus medius muscles hate me, and the feeling is mutual.

My gluteus medius is the main culprit to my right hip problem and the left side of my back pain.  It’s weak, I’m assuming, and very tight.  No matter how much I roll, stretch, and strength train, it doesn’t want to have any of it.

The main functions of your gluteus medius are to abduct the leg, or pull the thigh away from the midline of your body.  It also aids in supporting your pelvis from dropping to the other side, and helps to support the body on one leg.

My pelvis seems to keep coming out of alignment which causes a lot of the muscles  that I need for running to become tight.

It’s frustrating, and I complain probably too much because I just want to freaking run without pain and injuries.  Then I see something like this, and I want to slap myself in the face for being ungrateful for how good I really do have it.


2 thoughts on “Gluteus Medius, I hate you.

  1. My gluteus medius muscle hates me too so I know how you feel! I feel like a weak GM causes so many problems! I do a hip hiking exercise that’s really good for that muscle. And also what they call “clamshells”.

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