Mother’s Day

News flash:  My motivation to run has been lacking.  I don’t know if it’s because my back still sucks or something else within me is just lazy?  I’ve gotta get it into gear soon, although it’s going to be hard with the hot and humid summer coming up.  Time to put on my big girl panties and suck it up.

This Sunday was Mother’s Day, so I went home to see my sweet Mama.

 (This was me and my mom at my SIL’s baby shower last year when I thought I would look good with dark hair, and nobody told me otherwise. Thanks friends.)

I love my mother so much.  Sometimes it gets really hard to live so far away from her, my immediate family, and friends.  I don’t see myself moving back, but there are some days where I really miss them.

My relationship with my mom has changed, for the better I think, in the past couple of years.  The death of my Dad, put a huge stress on my family, but it brought us so much closer.  Throughout the unbelievable grief and hardship it changed perspective on life, at least for me it did.

Although I know my mom doesn’t read this blog, and won’t ever, (she doesn’t really even know how to work a cell phone, so I’m not being unrealistic.)
Thanks for all you’ve done, you have a big heart and have impacted how I live my life and treat others.
Happy Mother’s Day.


When I visit my mother, Dexter obviously comes with me.  He gets so excited to see his Grandma and his cousin Cosby (my mother’s dog.)

They look guilty.  I’m sure they just tore something up or peed on something they shouldn’t have.

The boys play so much and get along great that when I come home from just  visiting for a day, Dexter does this for at least a couple of days:
I should probably get another dog so he can have a sibling to play with, but it’s such a commitment to get another one.  I would adopt of course, but every time I look at Petfinder, I feel incredibly sad and I want to adopt every single dog in the world.  Maybe someday I’ll brave it and adopt another dog.


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