Ahh The Humidity!

I actually ran last night.  It had been a sad week since I ran, and I figured I’d have to crawl my way through it.  I actually ran with having to walk only twice because the humidity kills me and I might have had a heat stroke.  I’m exaggerating, of course.  It’s getting quite toasty here in Oklahoma.  The humidity is thick and the heat is hot, you gotta love Oklahoma weather.

Anyway, I ran last night at Red Coyote, they have a Pack Pint Run every Thursday.  After you run your 5k, you get free beer and get to socialize.  I love the running and the beer part, and I’m making myself get out there and socialize with other runners.  I’ve met a lot of great people at these events and it’s really motivating seeing the progress of others.  I also use the DailyMile, which is a great way to interact with other runners online.  I obviously prefer the dailymile over the social interaction of the runs, but I’m making an effort, right?

Workout: 3.2 miles/10:21 pace
Not too bad considering the humidity.


One thought on “Ahh The Humidity!

  1. Ah the humidity is the worst! I can’t breathe in it and my asthma takes over. I actually miss the cold weather just because its better to run in!

    I like the running/beer part! I need to find a group that does that.

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