Beautifully Busy.

Life has been kind of a whirlwind lately, but it’s all been really good.
My vacation to Cancun is coming up at the end of the week and I’m so excited because I’ve never been out of the country.  Maybe I can also get a little color to my pastiness?

I don’t really have a lot of time to update right now, so this post will be dedicated to a few people that I think are beautiful

Bradley Cooper

Ellen Degeneres

        Alexander Skarsgard
       Rachel McAdams

John Krasinski

Natalie Portman

Ryan Gosling

 Game 5 tonight, Thunder vs Lakers!  We are up 3-1 and hopefully we can win this one and stick it to the Lakers!  I’m nervous though, because we play the San Antonio Spurs if we win this and they’ve swept two teams.  I have confidence in my OKC Thunder!  



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