Incubus Concert/Meeting Brandon Boyd!

Warning: This is going to be a long-ish post, but I will reward you with a lot of pictures.

This is INCUBUS: 

I have had an obsession with Incubus for about 10 years now and have somehow never been to one of their concerts.  My friend T is a huge Incubus fan, and she actually hung out/talked to Michael Einziger, the guitarist, a few years ago.
I was super stoked when they decided to play a show in Tulsa, only a couple hours away from Oklahoma City.  T and I got tickets, and last night we saw them in concert.

We were brimming with excitement:

We had pretty good seats.  I was iffy about the people around us though.  We had this group of douchebags and douchebaggettes behind us that kept yelling talking to each other about  drinking Scotch and how it “wasn’t Johnny Walker Scotch, but it will do.”

There was also an interesting couple in front of us.  An obnoxious girl who was surely on meth, and a guy with a weird mushroom tattooed specifically around this big mole on his neck.

Brandon Boyd, the lead singer, is so beautiful.  There are no other words to describe him.  His voice is flawless live.  It’s so beautiful that I felt like floating around the room, being held by his sexy tone.  I promise I don’t do drugs.  The music was incredible.  There wasn’t a song that I didn’t like, and they sang one of my favorites from the new album, “If Not Now, When?”

Here is “In the Company of Wolves”, it’s a 60 second clip and taken with my phone so the quality isn’t the best:

After the concert we hung out in the casino and just walked around.  As we were walking by the bar we see THE Isaac Hanson. Mmmmm Bop!  We didn’t get a picture with him because we didn’t want to bug him and people were already bothering him.  What do I do instead?   I turn into a creeper and take a picture of his back.    

I swear it really is him.

Tarah and I, still in stalker mode, chose to go find the Incubus buses.  There were probably about 20 people waiting by a fenced in area where the buses were parked.  We decide we would have a better chance of seeing/meeting them on the other side where no one was standing.  It was  a lengthy walk to the other side of the fence, and almost as soon as we get over there, Brandon Boyd comes out to the bus.  He then walks over to the group of people on the other side of the fence and starts signing autographs and taking pictures.  We decide to stick it out for a little bit and then maybe when he turns around to walk to the bus, we get his attention and he comes over to us.  Big dreams? Yes.  We were confident though.  He spends a good 10 minutes signing autographs on the other side, meanwhile the bass player, Ben Kenney, comes out to light a cigarette.  We call him over and he comes with the bus driver and another guy.  He is super nice and talks to us for about 5 minutes through the fence.  We each got a picture with him through the fence.

 I’m not posting Tarah’s picture for three reasons.
1. The way the wind is blowing it looks like she is a genuine man-lesbian with a legitimate mohawk.
2. It makes me almost pee myself from laughing so hard, I wouldn’t want whoever reads this to lose their bladder function.
3. She didn’t send it to me, because for some reason she doesn’t trust that I wouldn’t post it on here.  Obviously I would.              Not.

After Ben leaves, Tarah and I decide to go back to the other side where Brandon is still signing autographs.  I put my running skills to use and bolt over to the other side before it’s too late.  I get there and I am in awe of his shyness and beauty.  I yell out his name and ask if he will take a picture with us.  He nods and comes over to where we were.
Now, I realize this is not a cute angle for my face/triple chins and this does not do justice to how beautiful this man really is.  In fact, he may look a little cross-eyed in the picture.  Tarah was also in this picture to the left, but she looks like she has a Hitler mustache so she kindly asked me to crop her out.  Pictures weren’t on her side last night.

Remember how I’m smooth when it comes to being around famous people?
I frantically say, “I’ve been a fan for a really long time, I love the music.”  Tarah just laughs.  Then as he’s done with our fence picture I say, “Thank you so much, I’m such a huge fan.” Because I’m sure he NEVER hears that and it’s so original.  He smiles politely, says “Thank you” and tells everyone he has to get on the bus.
I end up getting high (figuratively) off the whole experience of meeting one of my favorite singers and can’t stop talking about it on the way home.  I’m sure Tarah wanted to stab me by the end of the two hour drive.

I’ll be on vacation in Cancun for a week starting today, so I will be sipping drinks and being lazy instead of blogging.  I already do those things anyway, I’m just trading my couch for the beach.  Cheers!


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