iPhone sickness

When I was on vacation in Cancun, to make sure we didn’t get unnecessary international phone charges we turned off our phones.  Technology and social networking is such a huge part of our lives and to have it cut off for 5 days wouldn’t seem like a big deal, would it?  Even though we had our phones locked in our safe, I would catch myself looking for my phone or wanting to check it.  It was an automatic thing I did, and my other friends did the same thing.  To contact one another we had to actually pick up the phone and call each other’s room.  If we were out of the room, and wanted to contact one another, we would have to get up and walk around to find that person.  It was amazing, really.

I found it frightening how dependent I was on this tiny little technology square.  After a couple of days without my phone, the compulsion to check it was less and less.  It was actually pretty nice to be without it.  To have no idea what was going on in everyone’s lives on facebook, twitter, and the blogging world was very freeing.  When I got home, I found myself not checking my phone as much and just leaving it when I went places.  I didn’t like the feeling of needing my phone.
 A couple of days after I came back from vacation, I went to get a manicure. This lady came in to the salon to get her nails done and she was rude from the moment she stepped in to the place.  She sat down next to me to get her nails done and while the man was doing them, her phone started ringing.  She let it ring for awhile, then rudely made him wait to finish her nails while she picked up the phone and talked loudly on it.  After she was done, instead of turning it to silent, she just sits it next to her.  It goes off again.  She let’s it ring the full ring, then makes him stop again so she can answer it.  This goes on for about 10 minutes and everyone in the salon was getting aggravated.  These calls weren’t even important calls, we knew this because we could hear every word out of her loud mouth about guinea pig food and then a slew of demanding/degrading words to her husband, I assume.  Luckily I got done way before her, so I didn’t have to suffer her through her rudeness for very long.  Unfortunately, I seem to encounter people like that more and more these days.

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IN OTHER NEWS:  I leave for the Cayman Islands on Friday!
The Thunder play the Spurs tonight and if we win, we will be going to the NBA Finals!  If that happens, I am determined to go to a game, no matter what the cost!   That would be a dream come true!


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