Color Run – Tulsa, OK

This past weekend, my friend Jessica and I went to Tulsa to participate in the Color Run.  We met a group of Jessica’s friends and ran with them. The Color Run is a 5k, and at each kilometer they pour cornstarch dye on you.  There were approximately 10,000 people at this event, with people dressed in all sorts of costumes, and in the required white top dress code.

This race was not timed, it is considered a “fun run.”  Which it was fun in it’s way, but I have figured out I’m not much of a fun run person because fun runs have a lot of people, and I don’t really like a lot of people.  It’s overwhelming.

There was a lot of walking involved, mainly because there were heaps of people restricting actual running with their slow trot.  During a fun run, since it’s supposed to be fun, people walk and chat.  I think I’m probably too competitive for fun runs .  Even though I’m not a fast person, I’m competitive against myself, and walking a lot during a “run” makes me feel weird.  I don’t like it.

The view in front of us as we were waiting to start, which this is about as many people behind us too:

The “Fruit Loops” before the race all sparkling clean:

Me and Jes before the race (Yes, I am wearing mustache socks):

The group of girls we were with afterward:

Jes and I afterward, the shadow makes me look like I have a PopEye smile going on:

The whole group:

We also had to have a jumping picture, I’m not very good at it. Obviously.

During all the picture taking, I got REALLY good at photo bombing my friend’s pictures.  These were taken off Jessica’s facebook:

And my favorite…

At the end of the run, everyone gathered around the stage with their color packets and threw them up in the air.  It was very pretty and colorful.

The Color Run was fun, but I don’t think I’ll be participating in any more runs like it.  It’s not particularly my cup of tea, but that’s just my own competitive issue.  I also had a problem with the lack of water and the way it was set up.  You’d think with the massive amount of people and all the money that everyone paid, that the water would’ve been set up a lot better instead of a huge hot jug with 829393 people in line to get a 4 oz cup of it in the heat.  <— Yes, it’s a really long run-on sentence.  That’s my only real complaint about the race itself (plus the billion people, but that can’t be helped…well I guess it could too…)


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