My First Experience with Hot Yoga

I love taking fitness classes.  They are motivating for me, especially when my body says I can’t do anymore and I want to give up.  I used to take kickboxing classes when I was in college and at my other gym I used to do Spinning and Zumba classes.  I loved Zumba so much, I could shake it and I didn’t care because everyone else looked just as funny as I did.  At least that’s what I told myself.
 My friend Scott and I bought a Groupon a few months ago for a month of unlimited classes at Yoga at Tiffany’s.  I had taken yoga classes before and I really liked it.  It was a wonderful fully body stretch and it really helped with my anxiety.  The yoga at this place is hot yoga, and neither one of us had done hot yoga before.  The temperature can be between 80-100 degrees in the room and it’s very steamy & humid.

Scott and I got our mats, towels, water bottles, and headed to the back of the classroom.  There were two spots left thankfully, it’s no fun being a newbie and having to be in the front of the class.  Our instructor was super nice and welcoming to all the new people.  This was an all levels yoga class, and she was accommodating to us and our learning level.  Just sitting in there at the beginning, I was sweating.  Scott looked at me and said, “When is the air conditioner going to turn on?”  Good question.  I was already wanting a cool breeze and we hadn’t even started.

We went through a variety of poses, my body was loving every minute of it.  Kind of.  I was sweating profusely.  Every inch of my body was soaked from my own sweat.  My hair. My Eyes. Shirt. Shorts. Towel. Mat. Everything.  This girl next to me looked at me and said, “I’m sorry.  I’m sweating so much.  If I smell, I’m sorry.”  I almost told her it was probably me she was smelling, but I let it slide.  Each pose got easier and I think Scott and I did really well considering it was our first hot yoga class.  Little did we know it was 90 minutes long.  I used to complain about doing P90x Yoga because it was an hour and a half, but this was different.  

When it was nearing the end of the class, I was almost certain all the water had left my body.  I’m guessing my internal body temperature was nearing 150 degrees and my muscles had enough.  The instructor opened the door to let some cool air in and some steamy air out.  At this moment, it was like she opened the door to Heaven.  I may have been hallucinating, I can’t be sure.  As it got cooler in the room, I wanted to dance and scream for joy, but I couldn’t move very much so I mentally did it.

She complimented us on how well we did, especially since it was our first yoga class.  We walked into the cold room to get our stuff and when we walked outside to the 97 degrees Oklahoma weather, it felt cool.  I’m excited for my next hot yoga class.  I won’t be one of these people though…


It probably didn’t help my hydration issues that I ran 3 miles before I went to this class.  Granted it was on a treadmill (gasp!), but I still sweat like a mofo while running.  I may end up having to run on the treadmill during the summer hours when I don’t get up early to run outside.  Oh how I hate the treadmill.  I ended up with a 10:53 pace on the treadmill, which isn’t bad for me.  I’m usually so much slower on the treadmill…


4 thoughts on “My First Experience with Hot Yoga

  1. I think my first hot yoga experience made me emotional. I’m pretty sure it was the heat getting to my head. And when our instructor opened that door, I almost screamed “Hellelujah!” 🙂

    I do like it, though, and will try to work it into my schedule.

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