Ted. Friends. Magic Mike.

I can’t believe it’s already July… This weekend was a pretty busy one, but it’s my own fault I didn’t really get anything productive done.  I did do a 1 mile treadmill workout, followed by a 4 mile bicycling, and then strength training.  I need to be more strict with my workouts.

Friday: The BF and I went to see the movie Ted.  It was pretty funny, Seth McFarlane is a very talented writer.  Ted looked pretty cuddly, I want one of him.here

Saturday: I got to spend some time with three of my best friends from Nursing school.  We went to eat at Santa Fe, and then did a little shopping before the town shut down.

Sunday: Kaylee and I went to see the move “Magic Mike.”  We obviously didn’t see it for the captivating storyline.

I would’ve like to see more of this man in the movie.  Quick!  There’s a fire in my pants! (**I’m not always this pervy.)

I also got to visit my family for a tiny bit this weekend.  My niece Cora is growing so much and she will be a big sister in the next couple of weeks!

Look how much she loves her string cheese, just like her Aunt Brandi.  She’s a string cheese runner training in the early years. 

I’m excited for the Fourth of July.  I don’t usually get to watch fireworks because I’m working, but my coworker switched me a day so now I get to watch them with the BF this year.   Sweet success.


** This is a lie. I am.

2 thoughts on “Ted. Friends. Magic Mike.

  1. I want to see Ted sooo bad! I heard it was funny…I also heard the creator of Teddy Ruksbin (sp?) plans on taking the production company to court because Ted so closely resembled Teddy R. LOL

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