Millions of Peaches, Peaches for Me

I guess I’m sticking with the 90’s song themed titles this week?

I decided to post a recipe today, which is funny to me because I rarely cook and I never create recipes.  This is probably a copy of someone else’s recipe, so if it is, let me know and I’ll give you credit.

When I went home this weekend, I bought some peaches.  They are sooo delicious that I decided to make them the fruit in a smoothie I usually make.  I usually alternate what kind of fresh fruit I put in my smoothie, most of the time it’s either bananas, strawberries, or pineapples.  I drink this smoothie post workout and sometimes as a meal replacement.  It really doesn’t work as a meal replacement very well for me, so it’s like a snack to my actual meal.  Just getting my stomach warmed up for the good stuff.

(Disclaimer: I am not a photographer and I don’t own a fancy camera.  Half the time I have no idea what I’m doing when I take pictures, so what you see is what you get.)

It’s pretty easy to make this, so that’s another reason why I drink it so often.  I use Visalus protein powder because that’s what I have and I’m going to use it until it’s gone.  You can use whatever protein powder you want.  I add Flax Seed because you can’t taste it and it has so many amazing health benefits. I normally drink regular milk, but when I make my smoothies I use Almond Breeze because you cannot tell the difference.  This would be a vegetarian smoothie if you left out the Greek Yogurt.  I put in the Greek Yogurt because it makes it a little bit thicker. It wouldn’t be Vegan because Vi-Shape has whey protein in it.

 8 oz. Almond Milk
2 Tbsp of Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt
Your Fruit of Choice (Peaches, in this case)
1 Tbsp Milled Flax Seed
2 scoops of Visalus Shake Mix or 2 Tbsp of Protein Powder
4-5 Ice Cubes

Add all ingredients into blender, place on smoothie setting for 20-30 seconds, and VOILA!  You have a smoothie that tastes amazing.

No work tonight, which will be the first 4th of July I haven’t worked in years! 

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