What To Do When Your Landlord Sucks…

I moved into my house in November 2011.  I rented because I didn’t want to fully commit to buying a house.  I realize that I’m basically just throwing my money away with nothing to show for it.

When I first moved into my house, there was kitchen tile that was broken and possibly dangerous for my foot.  There is also a bathroom in the garage with a toilet that didn’t work as soon as I moved in.  Both of these things were supposed to be fixed within a month of me moving in.

Fast forward to July 2012.  Are either of these things fixed?  No.  Despite my landlord sporadically telling me he is going to get a new toilet, etc… He has not.  The only thing he has actually ever replaced is my air conditioning fuse thingy (not the technical term).  He feels the need to tell me what everything is going to cost if he replaced it.  Guess what?  I don’t care.  I pay you money monthly, early at that, and this is your job.  It’s what you signed up for.

When I went on vacation to Cancun, Oklahoma City had a horrible hail storm that busted out windows, damaged roofs, and really tore up some houses.  The only real damage I had was a window that looked like a baseball had gone through it.  This was the beginning of May.

Apparently my landlord got an insurance adjuster to evaluate the house and the roof (which I haven’t had any problems with) needs to be redone along with the window.  He also said “I will fix the toilet, because I told you I would. I wasn’t in a hurry since it’s just you that lives there.”  I’m sorry, do I never have people over?  What if two people need to poop at the same time?  I rented this house with that thought in mind.  Thanks for being so kind and DOING YOUR JOB.here

Just to be sure I’m clear, things that legitimately NEED to be fixed/replaced, but are NOT:

Things that aren’t a necessity to be fixed, but are being replaced at the moment anyway:
1. The Roof

Makes no sense to me.   Not only is he replacing the roof, but he’s doing so ON. THE. DAYS. I. HAVE. TO. WORK.  I work nights. 12 hours shifts.  Although I told him my schedule and which days would be better, the company comes on the days I’m working anyway.  I will kindly start nailing shingles to their roof right above their bedroom at midnight or one in the morning and see how they feel.here

Either way, this experience has led me to the decision to buy a house.  I’m saving right now, and hopefully by January I can get out of this hell hole and get a place to call my own.

In the meantime, I have no idea what to do with my sucky landlord.  He claims he’s called the window company, but I know that’s total B.S.   Frustration.here


2 thoughts on “What To Do When Your Landlord Sucks…

  1. I really need one of those punching dummies! I used to have a landlord like that – plus he was an “ogler” if you know what i mean – almost punched him one day. Thanks for joining the blog hop!

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