Elevator Awkwardness

I spend quite a bit of time in elevators, mainly because that’s how I get to the floor I work on.  I take the elevator because there are no stairs immediately accessible near the front of the hospital, so don’t judge me for taking the elevator. 😉

I would rather take stairs than the elevator.  I hate the elevator.  Some people don’t like the elevator because they may be claustrophobic and can’t handle the small space.  Some don’t like it because they fear they will get stuck between floors.  I don’t like it because there is always a possibility of having to interact with someone in that closed space, and the worst case scenario would be getting stuck between floors with them.

Whenever I step into an empty elevator, I immediately press the close button.  I may also step back from the view of the door, that way if someone is coming toward the elevator, they will think I just didn’t see them because I wasn’t looking.  I know it’s absolutely ridiculous, but being stuck in an elevator with a stranger is one of the most painful things for me.  It’s not as bad if I have a friend/coworker riding with me, and a stranger is riding on an elevator as well.  The friend/coworker is a buffer to the awkwardness.

I know I’m not the only who does this.  Another nurse from a different area of the hospital that I had never met got into an elevator with me the other day.

She immediately pressed the “close door” button, and said, “I don’t feel like any weird small talk conversations today.  I just don’t.”

I shrugged my shoulders and told her, “Hey, no judgment here. I probably would’ve pressed the button, but you beat me to it.”

In other news… Who else is so excited to watch all of the racing in the 2012 Olympics in London??  I know I am!  I’ve already checked the schedule out and made sure I’m off on the days that have events I really want to see.


Isn’t Ryan Hall just too precious?  He is just so cute, I want to chew his face off… in a non-zombie way of course.



2 thoughts on “Elevator Awkwardness

  1. Pahaha elevator awkwardness. I do the same thing about pushing the close door button and step back immediately!! How funny! And isn’t it sooo true about weird small talk. I usually pull out my phone during that time. or look at the floor. Social butterfly hear 🙂

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