It’s a Boy!

No. I did not have a baby. Although the cashier at Wal-Mart apparently thought I looked like I just had a baby when I was buying diapers, but I digress…  Anyway, my brother and sister in law were expecting, but they wanted it to be a surprise what the baby was.  Well, it’s a baby boy and they named him Enoch Mars.  He has a big sister named Cora, who is 15 months old, and she is so proud of her little brother.

I will now show a ton of pictures because I’m a proud auntie.

Cora is so excited to be a big sister and MY brother will also be killing me for posting this delightful picture of him.

Tons of hair!

Grandma’s first time to hold Enoch.

My first time to hold Enoch, surprisingly enough this did not send my ovaries into baby fever.

The best group picture we could get…

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