Short & Sweet

I read a lot of running and recipe blogs, it’s hard to keep track of them sometimes.  The other night, I was reading this woman’s blog who was a runner.  She has a job, a newborn baby that slept a couple of hours here and there AND she had planned a long run of 15 miles that following day.

She wasn’t able to get her 15 miles in, right?  WRONG.  She did them.  She made time for them, despite her busy schedule. (If anyone knows which blog I’m talking about, let me know so I can give credit to her.)  That was very motivating for me and give me some perspective on my lack of motivation/exhaustion from night shift living.  Whether I’m tired or not, I need to do it.  It will be slow, slower than my normal slow pace, but I am just going to have to accept that for now.  I am going to have to suffer through the heat, through the treadmill runs, the dead legs, and just get out there.

I have also found that from 9pm -2am, I have a great amount of energy and I feel like running.  The problem is that I can’t just run outside at those hours because I’d rather not get assaulted.  Also, my gym closes at 9pm, so there’s that….

In other news… the BF and I are planning on going camping sometime soon. I’ve only been camping once in my life, and I hated every moment of it.  I’m thinking if I had one of these though, things may have been a lot different.  Just a thought, Nicholas…

Annnnnndddddd if you are into beards like I am, you’ll love this:

Sexy isn’t she? He? She?  You get the point.


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