B’oon B’oon!

This past week I went to my hometown for four days to help my brother and sister in law with the babies.  Erin (my SIL), had a C-section with Enoch and she is unable to lift over 10 lbs for 6 weeks.  That leaves a deficit when it comes to handling Cora, who is 15 months old.

So I spent a lot of time holding this one:

and playing with this one:

I’m obviously not skilled at fixing babies hair, she has a little rooster thing going on.

She does the cutest thing like blow kisses, wink, and she loves her “b’oon!” (balloon) and her “Bubb-O” (Enoch).

While I was visiting, I was able to go to my hair dresser, Amanda.  She just so happens to be my HS best friend, someone I’ve known since Kindergarten.  It’s amazing how we’ve stayed friends this long, although there have been plenty of struggles in the many years we’ve known each other.  Anyway, she does an awesome job with my hair and it’s definitely worth the drive to get it done by her.

My hair was ridiculous.  It was thick, hot, too long and pink (from the Color Run)

^^^Not cute.  Ew.

This is all my hair she was able to cut off/thin out and my head feels about 10 lbs lighter.
The end result:

I was sad to go, but glad to get back to my life.  I am going to miss snuggles like this though.


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