Where Are The Shorts?

I have thick thighs, even at my most in-shape body, they are thick.  I have to wear shorts during the hot Oklahoma 100 degree summers when I run, but the shorty short Nike Tempo shorts don’t cut it.  My thick thighs plus humidity mixed with my overly sweaty body equals some bad chaffage.

Although I usually wear the Nike Compression Shorts, I’ve been reading some other running blogs with women who have the same issue as me.  I’ve heard from multiple blogs that the Lululemon: Dart and Dash Running Shorts are the best running shorts ever.

These shorts stay in place, have 5 pockets, and they are moisture wicking.  I realize they are a little on the pricey side, but nowadays the only clothes I spend money on are running/working out clothes.  However, I cannot buy these shorts because they are OUT OF STOCK!!  For awhile the only size in stock was size 4.  I am not a size 4.  I’m pretty sure I can’t even visualize myself as a size 4.  Now they don’t even offer a size 4, so in case I decided to go on a crash diet to get to that size, it would be useless.  I have been reading in a lot of the reviews that people were begging them to make more, so hopefully they will.  I have searched high and low on the interwebs to find someone else selling them, but have had no such luck.  If you know of a place I can score some, please help a brotha out.

So instead of just TALKING about running the Route 66 Half Marathon, I spent the money and registered for it.  No excuses now.  I also tweaked my training plan with the OKC Landrunners long runs and the nights I’ll be working.  I know it’s useless to schedule a run on my third night in a row, so that will definitely be a rest day.

I’ve also been doing some hip strengthening exercises again.  There is this really good routine I used to do that included Clam Shells, which are huge in helping stabilize the hip and pelvis.  I got the routine from Strength Running and it includes a video to help you if you have any questions about the workouts.



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