Back to Basics

I’ve started running again, however I have to do the treadmill runs for awhile unless I want to get up early.  Let’s be realistic, that is probably not going to happen on my days off considering I can’t go to bed earlier than 2 or 3 am sometimes.

Tuesday: It was hot.  Shocker.

So I had to do a treadmill run.  I can only mentally do a treadmill run for 3 miles.  I hate it that much.  

I was trying to take a picture without looking like a complete douchebag. I can’t guarantee that I succeeded.  Anyway, notice the windows to the right.  The heat coming from them, plus the sweatiness of the people in the gym equaled an atmosphere that was pretty sucky.

^^You didn’t know the iPhone could be so accurate, did you?

So fighting off dead legs, the heat, and four hours of sleep I ended up with an 11:00 pace for 3 miles.  Not great, but not horrible.


I went to Whole Foods and got some lovely fruit.  My favorites: Bananas, Blueberries, Blackberries, and Plums!

I know you are impressed with my picture taking skills.  Don’t be jealous, please.  It makes it awkward for everyone.

I also bought some:

I was introduced to this yumminess by my BF.  He bought a different kind, but this is just as tasty, plus it has chocolate.  You can never go wrong with chocolate.

Annnnnd has anyone tried these?  I’m not much of a bar-eating-person, but I like the real Pineapple Upside Down Cake.  I’m kind of curious to see if these will be any good?


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