Listening To My Body.

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Since I’m back on the running train and I don’t want to injure myself again, I have to listen to my body.  Most of the time I can be pretty stubborn about things, especially when it comes to focusing on a goal.  Tuesday’s run on the treadmill aggravated my hip flexor.  ***Treadmill runs tend to make it more strained, I’ve noticed… Another reason to hate the treadmill. I figure this injury will be a constant one until I really get some strength back in my hips.

***(It may have to do with the fact that I’m clumsy and almost fell off of it twice while running. I got so focused and dizzy looking at my form and my legs in the mirror….)

Wednesday, I decided to nix a run and focus on core/strength/stretches.  I’m not going to lie, I would much rather not do these things.  I would pick a run or an exercise group class over those things any day.  I spent an hour doing various exercises and yoga poses that have helped me in the past.

This brings me to my point:  listen to your body.  I have been to various doctors, FIVE to be exact, when I had my hip issues this past year.  While each one that I went to gave me great advice and helped me in their own way, I found the key was to do what worked for me.  My body is not like everyone else’s.  Yes, the muscles, tendons, bones, etc, are in the same place as most everybody, but no body is the same.
Some of the advice I’ve been given:
– Focus on Strength Training on your legs.  Do heavy weights, low reps.
– Stop Running.
– Focus on Strength Training.  Do low weights, many reps.
– Don’t do Yoga.
– Incorporate Yoga.
– Do Core Work daily.
– Foam Roll daily.
– Take up swimming and cycling, then run once a week, 3 miles at the most, for a couple of months.
Knowing I wasn’t going to give up running, I obviously stopped going to those doctors because they just didn’t understand.
Things that DO work for me:
– Core Strength 3 x a week.
– Lower Leg Strengthening at least twice a week, heavier weights, stacking reps.
– Yoga.
– Hip focused strengthening exercises 3 x a week.

I’ve posted this website before, but he really does have some great workouts that I cannot express how much they’ve helped me in the past.  I feel so much stronger in my hips after doing these consistently.

ITB Rehab Routine
Elite Core and Dynamic Warm Ups

Check them out at least, they may work for you and they may not… I’ve been learning about myself by trial and error basically.

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