I bought a Groupon awhile back for laser hair removal.  I used it for under my arms and the bikini area.  Today was my second session and it stung just a tiny bit more than it did the first time.  It’s not really that bad though, it feels equivalent to somebody popping you with a rubber band every now and then.  I have four more sessions, every 5-6 weeks and then I will be done.  One of my coworkers has had all of the sessions and she only shaves her armpits maybe once a month, if that.  

While I was there, it was suggested that I get Fraxel for my face.  My face being that it was broken out.  Granted, I get more pimples now that I’m an adult than I ever did as a teenager, but I didn’t think it was THAT bad…

Luckily for me, it’s ONLY $4000 for four sessions and I can look so much younger.  No thanks.  I will keep my money and my bad skin.  I’ll spend it on stuff I really need like running attire and cookies healthy food.

I had a really good facebook friend cleaning the other day.  150 people down and some more to go.  I don’t know why I have tolerated having the people on there that I’ve either only met once, post annoying statuses hourly,  the complainers, or people that I never EVER talk to anymore?  I’ve considered just doing away with my facebook anyway, there is more ignorance floating on there than anything of use.

Then again, I may just be in one of those moods.  Don’t mind me.

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5 thoughts on “Hairless.

  1. I did laser for under my arms too, it helped reduce the hair but not get rid of it. I break out on my face a lot but nothing has ever worked. I kind of just accept it! haha sounds terrible. I am way too low maintenance to care.

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