Shorty Shorts.

Remember how I was talking about how I wanted those ridiculously expensive Lululemon running shorts but they were out of stock?  I must’ve given some good vibes because the next day they had more in stock in my size!  Obviously I bought some and I got them in the mail the other day!

they came with a cute little baggie too…

I haven’t ran in them yet, but I tried them on.  They seem long enough for my thick thighs, but they aren’t really flattering for the hiney.  Hopefully they will stay put when I am running.  (Sorry for the crappy iPhone bathroom mirror picture.)

I’ve also been researching and reading a lot about overpronation.  I have been told 3 times by three different doctors that I have very flat feet and overpronate.  I sometimes can actually feel how badly I do overpronate, even by just walking at work.  When I first started running, the running store I went to analyzed my gait and put me in motion control stability shoes for my severe overpronation.  All of the choices were ugly, there are not any cute girlie stability shoes.  I never had any issues in those shoes.  I then switched to Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11

That’s all I wore during my runs and races. I stopped wearing my stability shoes.  I started having issues, had my hip injury and left calf/ankle weakness.

I switched to Saucony Cortana’s to see if maybe the more minimalist would be helpful.  I don’t ever really run long distances in them because I’m not quite built up to them just yet.

I’ve heard and read different theories if you overpronate and have flat feet:
-You need minimalist shoes.
-Run barefoot so you can run how you are naturally supposed to and train your feet and ankles to do what they’re supposed to do.
-Get a neutral shoe and work on your form.
-Wear stability shoes.

Like I said, I’m grateful for advice but I’m definitely going to listen to my body.  I bought some Asics motion control stability shoes from Running Warehouse and I’m going to try them out for awhile to see if I notice any difference.  I’ll update you on my progress!  Cheers!


6 thoughts on “Shorty Shorts.

    • I think that’s what I’m going to do… rotate between my Cortana’s and my Asics. I hope your knee gets better soon!!!

  1. Two words: custom orthotics. Go to a sports podiatrist and invest. They last for years and will save you a great deal of blood, sweat, tears, and pain. I swear to god you won’t regret it. It’s like buying lululemon or paper products : sure, you can do without it, and sure, you can buy the cheap version, but you’ll just end up going through more and more and paying the same amount. Plus your stride will be more efficient and you’ll be so much more comfortable. People who say you should just train yourself to run properly are honestly idiots IMHO. that’s like saying if you’re blind that not wearing glasses will fix it. LIES. Especially if you are going to start training seriously for a race, make the investment up front, take your time to break them in, then go back to a running shoe store and get professionally fitted. Again, seems like overkill, but it will change the way you run (by improving your stride and overall form).
    Also, from one crohns runner to another, you HAVE to take care of your joints. otherwise you will be very sad.
    Also, my opinion only. But I’m a serious over pronater, a long time Crohn’s kid, and a runner. So I hope that some of my experience can help you out!
    Good luck!
    Ps I run in brooks defyance w my orthotics, bc I like the slight arch support. Ghosts are another great choice. The old switch series was fantastic for a shoe w more support, but they don’t make them anymore. Also, Ive gotten at least 4 years of use from each of my pairs of orthotics. Talk about investment return.
    Good luck! Happy running!

    • Thanks for the comment! I’ve considered custom orthotics. I’ve heard good and bad things about them. I’m going to see how alternating between my two pairs of shoes works. If not, I may have to go that route.

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