A Saturday Morning Run

Since I am not really officially training for my half just yet, I still obviously need  to run.  Despite only managing to get 2 hours of sleep the night before, I woke my butt up at 5 am to meet the OKC Landrunners for their second training run.

I was not in the least bit pumped for this because it was still ridiculously hot at 6am and I was tired.  TIRED.  Anywaaaay, I ran 4 miles at an 11:57 pace.  I don’t normally run this pace, but I could not keep it together.  It made me feel a little better that some people who normally kill at these training runs took some walk breaks too.

Crappy dark iPhone picture of people running.  Why did I even bother including this?

Nothing went well with this run, besides my lovely Lululemon shorts staying in place and being awesome.  I didn’t bring any water along the way and I didn’t run far enough to go to a water stop.  I coveted other runner’s handheld water and hydration belts.  I even considered swimming and drinking ditch water. (I wouldn’t REALLY do that.)

I managed to finish my four and head home.
I’m so glamorous and I never sweat and I always look SO cute after a run. 
Don’t worry.  I wasn’t driving during this picture.

I came home and made a Blackberry Smoothie.
-8 oz. Almond Milk
-1/2 cup of Blackberries
– 1 cup of yogurt
– 5 ice cubes
-2 scoops Protein Powder

^^ It doesn’t look that great because of the yellow cup it’s in, but I assure you that it was delicious.

I then spent 45 minutes with these four:

Injury prevention is key.

ALSO:  Check out my new header!  Fancy huh?  I should’ve made a career in photoshopping or something to that effect.


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