Other Weekend Activities

Friday:  I decided I was going to start a gym membership at this gym down the road that has a lot of good classes I want to take.
They offer:

However, the membership person wasn’t there to help me, so I decided to head to the mall to get some workout shirts.  However, I forgot that it was Tax Free Weekend in Oklahoma.   My drawings are so lifelike.

Surprisingly there wasn’t that many people out and about.  I think it’s because the temperature was approximately 183 degrees.

— — — — —

Sunday, the BF and I watched the Women’s Olympic Marathon Race in London.  At 5 am.  We were devoted.  Sadly, we watched it online and the coverage sucked.  Out of 2 hours and 20 something minutes of the marathon, I feel like we only saw maybe 25 minutes of it due to the commercials and the interviews about TENNIS.  DURING the marathon.  I don’t want to hear about tennis while I’m trying to watch a marathon.


USA didn’t win.  Kara Goucher and Shalane Flanagan placed 10th and 11th.  Desiree Davila started the race, but dropped due to her hip flexor injury.  My heart just broke for them.  I love this photo.

Look at those abs.  Damn.  I may even have a slight girl crush on Kara Goucher…

Next week we will be watching the Men’s marathon on my TV.  Unfortunately, I do not have cable or TIVO so we will be getting up at 5 in the morning once again to watch it.  Hopefully the coverage will be better.  If not, I will cut somebody if I don’t get enough Ryan Hall viewing time.

I’m a bad blogger because I did not take a picture of the awesome breakfast we had afterward.  I made spelt flour blueberry pancakes with a recipe I found online that I tweaked a bit.  We also had eggs and veggie sausage patties, which were pretty tasty (the BF is vegetarian).  Nap time soon followed and I had a pretty lazy, but good Sunday all around.


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