I’m pretty sure that I’m a hypochondriac.  Well… I know I am.

So far I’m convinced I have:
– A Stress fracture
– A Hip Labral Tear
– Arthritis
– Plantar Fasciitis
– Hypothyroidism (which is true, I have the lab test to prove it now.)

I know it doesn’t help that I’m a nurse, so once I see one patient with an ailment, I believe I have it.  I will then research it and convince myself that I do, indeed suffer from testicular cancer.

It does suck getting older though.  I can definitely feel it more so now than I could 10 even 5 years ago.  I’m only at the ripe old age of 27 (this month), but I’m not getting any younger.  This night shift career has aged my body significantly as well.source

I’m sorry this hasn’t been more of an extensive post.  I’ve been so tired and beat up after work that all I can really do is eat, shower, and sleep.  Like I said, hopefully a change will come soon.  A change where I can be among the normal living people and not be a zombie.


10 thoughts on “Hypochondriac

  1. Maybe you can take comfort in the fact that you’ve correctly diagnosed yourself as a hypochondriac! Sorry…

    I stumbled on your blog thru stridingmom’s.

    Glad I did!

  2. Okay – here’s a funny… I had this blog post up on my screen, but all you could see was the title and the opening of the post. Your header wasn’t showing. Brian walked by, saw the title, and said, “Is that Brandi’s blog?” Made me laugh…

    I love you! Get a new job and pull yourself together, woman!

    • Ah hahaa. How funny and sad at the same time. Believe me, I want to get a day shift job soon or I’m going to go nuts! Love you guys!

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