Half Marathon Training Plan

I’ve received a couple of emails from people asking about my half training plan, especially since I’ve been injured.  I won’t take credit for it, but I based most of it from Hal Higdon’s Training Plan.

I tweaked this schedule to fit my needs based on strength training, yoga, and my awful night shift schedule. My nursing schedule is not usually the same every week, and I cannot run on my third night in a row because I am impossibly tired.  That is marked as a REST day only.  I know it is a weird schedule, but like I said, I had to do it this way because of my 12 hour night shifts.  I know most people schedule their long runs on Sundays, but mine are on Saturdays because the Land Runners Training runs are almost always on Saturday with exception of a few days when it is on Sunday.  (This throws off my mileage in weeks sometimes, it’s okay it’ll work out.)

This is my schedule based off of Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Training Plan.  I’m sure I’ll incorporate some speed work here and there, but this is the basic mileage plan. This is not set in stone, although I’m going to try to follow it to the best of my ability.

Cross Training for me, which will be more strength training than anything, will include 30 minutes to an hour of:
-Strength Training

Help yourself to it, rearrange miles how you need to, or find one that suits you.  Do your research, know your body, and do what’s best for you!

I went to my local running store, Red Coyote, and since I spend so much money there I got a $25 credit to use in the store.  Guess what I got?

My favorite running socks! Balega Hidden Comfort!  Seriously, these are soooo good!

Happy Training!



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