I Communicate Well With Others.

Since I haven’t been getting really good sleep lately and I’ve been working a lot, I’m not giving quality posts.  I know this, and I’m sorry.  Plus, my internet has sucked because it just doesn’t seem to want to work.
I would love to catch up on all my favorite blogs and update you on my hip/quad horrors and my new running attire, but that will have to wait until another day.

For now, I leave with you with some conversations I’ve had lately with people that shows you why I should not be allowed to socialize.

(At the gym, starting my new membership)
Me- When are they going to stop doing the road work in front?
Buff Gym Guy- I think they said November.
Me- November? Yowza.
BGG- Ma’am.
Me- Yes?
BGG- Did you just say “Yowza?”
Me– Did I?
BGG- Yes. I believe you did.

(Same day… at Target)
Me- Hello.
Male Cashier (in a slow prissy, whiny, monotone voice) –  Hello Miss. Hooow iis yooour daaay goooing?
Me (thinking he is just being silly, talking in such a voice, mimics the voice)- It’s gooooing great, hoooow are you?
*Talking back in forth for a little longer, until a coworker comes up.*
Cashier- IIIII’m gooooing on breeeaaak after thiiiiis.
I suddenly realize that this is how this guy normally talks.  I just mocked him.

A lot. 

A few months ago at work…
Coworker-  My dog is about to have her puppies, I’m so excited.
Me- Oh really, how long does it usually take for them to hatch?

I promise I’m somewhat educated. 

 I think I’ll seclude myself away from the public eye.  It’s in everyone’s best interest.



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