Swimming Is For The Birds… Or The Fish. Whatever.

I joined a gym that has a lap pool and I was pumped to start swimming there.  Mind you, I was never one for water and I’m terrified of drowning.  I also do really well swimming in the ocean. Not.

I was supposed to start my half training this week, but instead I have to rest due to my stupid quad/hip.  I wanted to do something low impact, but  had a good cardio workout.  That’s where swimming came into the picture.

Before I went to the gym…

I was going to be the next Michael Phelps, I just knew it.  Be aware that I also cannot put my face or breathe out underwater due to my intense fear of drowning.  This was going to go well.

Half way through my FIRST lap…

A little after my FIRST lap…


I only managed to do 350 meters and those were painful, painful laps.  I hated every moment of swimming.  My neck hurt from keeping it above water for so long.  Also, swimming is hard.  I suck at it.

I didn’t have a plan, just swim until I could take no more.  I did take breaks, but that only lengthened the time I was in the stupid pool.  I saw my Olympic dreams slowly float out the window.  I handled the whole swimming debacle with grace and maturity.Ya know, if someone says, “I can’t run, I hate it and I feel awful while doing it.”
I usually say, “Just give it some time, it just takes a little bit to get used to it and enjoy it.”
If some people hate running as much as I hate swimming, then I’m going to keep my mouth shut from now on.  Do what you want.  I don’t see myself swimming as cross training, and if you don’t enjoy running…  Don’t do it.

Now give me a fruity mixed drink and I’ll lounge in the pool with the best of ’em.

Annnnnnd that was my fun little swimming experience.  The end.


4 thoughts on “Swimming Is For The Birds… Or The Fish. Whatever.

  1. Can I just say I had the exact same experience with swimming earlier this summer. Yes I used to swim in college for endurance but I hated it even then. But after a while it sort of grew on me. I learned to go really slow at first, then break up the laps (4 laps – not lengths – and then kick board for 2 laps or back stroke for 1 lap). And oh my word once I got it down it felt so good to stretch my muscles after a high impact workout. So I’ll be obnoxious and say – don’t give up yet!

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