It’s My Birfday!

I turn 27 today.  Yikes.  The BF and I are headed to Six Flags because I’m trying to slow the aging process by reverting to my childhood.

I leave you with cute little pictures of me.  You will look at them and you will like them because you care.  🙂  I was in an awkward stage from age 8 to about…. well I’m still in the awkward stage.

Happy Birthday to Me!


3 thoughts on “It’s My Birfday!

  1. Happy Birthday! I took my kids to Bounce U (local, indoor, inflatable bouncehouse, crazytown) for my bday, so I’m on board with the age-prolonging celebrations.
    I hope, as a surprise for your BF, you chose to wear the outfit from the last pic. Sunglasses and all.

  2. Bahahaha the first pic is my favorite. I have seen that look from you many time, like when we talk about nickleback….:)

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