Miss Know-It-All

I’m sure doctors just LOOOOVE when I come to tell them what needs to be done.  It doesn’t help that I research things to a great extent AND that I’m a nurse.  I also know that it’s okay to be knowledgeable and the more you know about your body, the better you can help yourself.

Yesterday, I went to see my A.R.T. (Active Release Technique) doctor to get my muscles, mainly my adductors, worked on.  My hip flexors/psoas were in great shape, so my stretching has been paying off.  My right adductor was really painful but I felt wonderful after the whole ordeal.  I also had him work on my shins and calves bilaterally because I had been having some tightness here and there.  Surprisingly, my left one was a lot tighter than my right.  I had him take a look at my hamstrings and he said, “They are good for you.”  Apparently, to other runners they would not be good, but for me they are a pretty good improvement. I’ll take it.

We had this conversation as well:
Dr:  What makes your adductors feel pain?
Me: When I increase my speed.
Dr:  Stop doing that.
Me:  That’s not what I want to hear.
Dr.:  Just be glad you can run and finish a race without injury, you’ve come a long way.
Me:  Can’t we work something out?  How am I supposed to be faster?
Dr.:  Don’t go for that PR, just finish.

I didn’t like this conversation, and since I have a goal to take 12 minutes off of my current half PR, I’m going to stretch, strengthen, and roll the hell out of my legs so that can happen.  I will also be smart and listen to my body.

Ahhhh the tangled web we weave.

After my ART appointment, he told me I could do my 3 miles, but just run/walk for the day since he worked on so much.  I did them… it sucked, but I did them.

Afterward, I went to a pharmaceutical drug company’s presentation at a very nice restaurant.  We had an open tab at the bar and since I rarely drink, the 89 glasses of red wine that I drank left me feeling pretty tipsy.  I will now present you with a bunch of fancy food pictures.

Boulevard Salad

Chicken Oscar

The bottomless red wine and the “Extreme Housewife” drink.

The New York Cheesecake 

And yes I ate all of it… except a few morsels of the New York Cheesecake.

Do you want to try or have you ever tried A.R.T.? 


8 thoughts on “Miss Know-It-All

  1. I love ART and have had adductor issues as well. Honestly, it’s been April since I’ve done significant speedwork. When I tried, I re-aggravated it all again.

    Blech. Crappy adductors.

  2. ART saved my IT Band, I’m a believer! Its so hard to hear news you dont like from a doctor but you don’t want to push it and end up out of running for months. Doctors definitely don’t get how crazy us runners are though 🙂

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