Work it. Work it Good.

Yesterday was supposed to be a 3 mile running day for my schedule, but my legs were feeling pretty gross so I decided to make it a cross training day.  I’ll have to do my 3 miles either today or Friday.

What did I do for my cross training?

-A 30 minute yoga class from DoYogaWithMe (Free Yoga Classes online!)
This is the exact class I did:
Hips, Hamstrings, and Back

Core exercises:
30 second side planks (the following picture is not me, although I’ve been told that I look good in red.)

45 second forearm plank  (also not me)
60 seconds bridge

– Glute activation exercises:

25 Donkey kicks (each leg)

30 clam shells with a resistance band (each leg)

25 leg lifts with resistance band (each leg)

– Stretches:
Quadriceps/Hip Flexor stretch
Adductor Stretch

– Upper Body Exercises:
25 Pushups
25 Dumbbell Kickbacks
25 Dumbbell Lateral Raises

Foam rolling, lacrosse ball rolling


What exercises do you do for cross training that is not gym related?


6 thoughts on “Work it. Work it Good.

  1. you weren’t entirely specific. I hope the last 2 sets of faceless women weren’t you, either…
    That is a really good circuit! Thanks for the yoga link, too. I’m always looking for cheap exercise options.

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