When Sucky Runs Attack…

Yesterday I was supposed to run my “long run” for the training week, which was 5 miles.  I started late (about 9am) and ran at the Lake that I frequently visit.

I ran in my new Apaeris Compression Shorts and my new CEP compression calf sleeves (which I will review both at a later date.)  I also brought my Garmin 305, my Hydrafoam amiphod water bottle, and my ipod armband holder.  I was a total running tech nerd girl, I should’ve taken a picture.

The temperature was 84* but the heat index was 96* and the humidity was 57% with no breeze, even by the lake.
Lately, I’ve had more runs that are bad than good and I blame it mainly on my stupid hip and working night shift.

Anyway, I managed 4.6 miles even though 5 miles were planned and this is why my run sucked so so much:
– It was hot and humid.
– I couldn’t catch my breath.
– My hip felt tight (but my adductors felt great!)
– The compression sleeves were wonderful for my calves, however it was hotter than hell so midway through my run I had to stop and take them off.
– I kept sweating into my eyes.
– I got dizzy toward the last mile and walked the rest of the way.
– I was tired.
– I had some serious GI issues going on.

It’s so defeating to me to have runs like this.  I know a lot of people have sucky runs, but when it’s one after the other, especially when it’s a struggle with a bum hip, it makes me question.  I forget why I enjoy running in the first place.  I always get over my depressed mood about it eventually, but I just wish things could go back to normal.  I’m still convinced I have a hip labral tear, something just isn’t right and I can sense it.

Even though I complain a lot (I know I do, it’s something I’m trying to stop doing so much), I like to look at the positives in everything.
Positive points to this run:
– My adductors felt good.
– I had some good music lined up.
– There were a lot of friendly active people out and about.
– I saw a man feed some starving kittens a big bowl of cat food.
– The lake was beautiful.
– I am otherwise healthy and able to get out and do something, it’s better than just sitting on the couch.

How do you get through your tough/crappy runs?  What motivates you to keep going?



6 thoughts on “When Sucky Runs Attack…

  1. I’m so sorry. I don’t have any great ideas except exactly what you did…try to find what is still good in the midst of what is bad. Praying it gets better soon, my friend.

  2. It sounds cheesy, but those sucktacular runs really DO make us appreciate almost all the others. Doesn’t make them any easier at the time, but does help with the whole “running perspective”. For me, too, anytime I focus on one, icky issue (sweat in the eyes, for example), it’s so easy to start adding to the list of negatives.
    Hope your next one’s 100x better.

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