O.A.T.H.  stands for Oklahomans Against Trafficking Humans.
My friend Sherrie is running her first marathon, you can visit her over at Musings, and she is raising money for this organization.  You can donate money for every mile she runs in her training, which will equal approximately 420 miles.  You can donate any amount you want per mile, it’s a great organization to support.

You can also go to the website to find out about O.A.T.H.

 Facts about human trafficking:
– 72% of runaway girls and 44% of runaway boys admit to engaging in “survival sex”.
-Over 100,000 runaways are forced into the adult sex industry.
– The majority of sexual abuse of women and children happens by someone they know and the family trust.
– The average age when a girl is recruited by a pimp/trafficker and forced into sex trafficking here in America is 13.

Finding and identifying these victims that are being exploited is first, then having safe housing, recovery programs and services in place for their restoration is a necessity.

You can support O.A.T.H. through Sherrie’s run via this website.  Take a look and visit the website, and educate yourself on what’s happening right here in the United States.

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