Tea and Other Things

Since I’ve stopped drinking soda (going on 2 weeks-ish), I’ve tried other things to pep me up during my night shift.

I’ve tried bananas, they taste good but don’t provide me with much energy.


I’ve also tried cocaine… juuuust kidding!

Anyway, I’ve found the solution.  Green Tea.
 It tastes horrible.  I hate the taste, but if I drink it with honey and have it when it’s a little less than hot, it’s tolerable to chug.  It does give me energy and I do notice a suppression in my appetite.

Still no running for me, although I haven’t really tried.  I think I will try tomorrow and start with a walk/run.  I’m pretty dejected about the whole thing, but I’m trying to stay positive!  I just need a definitive diagnosis, so hopefully one will be reached once I get some insurance.  I can’t get my own  private insurance because no one will insure me due to my Crohn’s.  Lame.


8 thoughts on “Tea and Other Things

  1. You should try some of the flavored green teas… Zen is my fav – from Starbucks. There are some at the store too that have fruit extracts in them and are pretty tasty. Tea is a bit of an acquired taste. I started with honey, but slowly weaned myself off until I could drink it without. I’m still praying! God has an answer coming – this I know.

  2. Have u tried the Tazo ginger green tea? I think you would like it. It’s tasty esp with a little bit of honey! Also I love chai tea…has a little bit more of a kick of caffeine! I used to work the night shift so I feel your pain sista!

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