Aspaeris Pivot Shorts

Well I forgot to do a review of the Aspaeris Pivot Shorts like I said I would.  I read about them from various blogs, one being Striding Mom and she highly recommended them.  I guess I’m giving them free publicity and reviews, but I would like to share my thoughts on them.  You can visit the website here.

Let’s first talk about cost.  They are $60 for one pair, so naturally I only bought one to try before I bought anymore.  I was one day shy of being able to use their buy one get one free offer, so that was a huge bummer.

What makes them special? I have other compression shorts, but those aren’t  the same as these.  They use “Duel Sensory Compression”, meaning an under layer that helps align muscles and form muscle memory and a top layer that has an overall compression.

When I got them in the mail, the letter said they would look tiny… and yes they did.  I bought the large size, but I was thinking I should’ve bought XXXXXL.  I thought there was no way I would fit into these babies.  I tried to take a picture next to my foot for comparison.

I also took a picture of them next to my thigh.  Pretend I’m not in my underwear.  Let’s pretend that it’s a bathing suit bottom instead.  I tried to cut out as much as possible for your poor eyes, but not so much that you wouldn’t get the full effect.  The whole pair is the size of my one thigh.  

It actually wasn’t that hard to put them on, you kind of put them on like panty hose and it’s rather easy.

What did I use them for?
Recovery- After a longer run, I took my Epsom Salt bath and threw on the shorts for about 5-6 hours.  I could feel the difference in my hips and hamstrings afterward, they felt less sore and tight.  (As much as they could with my hip injury thing going on.)

During a Run –  I wore them under some Tempo shorts and I was worried about them hindering my range of motion.  That wasn’t the case though, they felt really good.  I could feel the tightness and compression working during my run, keeping things in places where they should be.   My muscles were not as tight afterward and stretching more doable.

The verdict: I definitely recommend these shorts to women, especially if you are having ITB, hamstring, knee, or hip issues.

*Disclaimer*  I am not a doctor, so don’t get the shorts, get injured and then blame me.  Wear them at your own risk and so on and so forth. Blah Blah.

Any other Aspaeris Shorts lovers up in here?

4 thoughts on “Aspaeris Pivot Shorts

  1. My sister & I split the cost of the BOGO free deal. I tried a run, with and without the shorts, while I was just starting back after my injury. The run WITH felt noticeably better. They look dorky on me, so I can’t actually run with them when any other humans might see me.
    For now, I’ll keep on enjoying them for recovery.

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