Funky Town

As many of you have noticed (or maybe you haven’t), I have not posted in two weeks.  I have been in a huge funk and I feel like I have nothing worthwhile to post since I haven’t been running because of my hip.  I need to immerse myself in some other kind of  physical activity before I start gaining an uncontrollable amount of weight, which is really easy for me to do.  I’m just frustrated and throwing myself a pity party.

What’s been going on with me:

– Only 6 more NIGHT shifts left in my nursing career!

– Working on getting high risk insurance since I got a different kind of position on days.

– Spending time with this guy.

– Spending more time with the little ones.

– Not sleeping well, so this is what I’ve been doing for entertainment.





I’ve been reading all my fellow blogger’s blogs, just no energy in commenting.  Maybe I’ll leave funky town soon, I visit there every now and then and eventually find my way out.


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