You Look Fabulous!!

My friend T and I were talking one day about how we were both really bad at taking compliments.  I’m not really sure why I’m so bad at it, but there are multiple defenses I use against compliments.  (As if this is an issue for normal people, I actually do this… sadly.)  This happens mostly if it’s someone I don’t know that well or even know at all gives me a compliment, I can’t just say, “Thank you.” and move on.

Socially Awkward Response Number One:  Cost. As if the cheapness of something makes it unworthy of a compliment and must be deflected.

Socially Awkward Response Number Two:  Comparison.  It’s not that great if someone else’s is better.

Socially Awkward Response Number Three: Ugly.  If it doesn’t look perfect, there can be no compliments given.

Socially Awkward Response Number Four: No Effort. If I didn’t take the time, it shouldn’t be recognized.

Now my friend T, which I’m sure she will love that I’m telling this, has a different response to compliments.  She says “Thanks” like a normal person would do, but she says it in a very deep voice and draws the word out as, “Thaaaaaaanks.”  Every time.

At least I’m not the only weirdo about compliments, birds of a feather stick together (or something to that effect), right?



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