Bathing in Blood & Cleaning Poop…That’s My Job.

I think some people have this glamorous idea of nursing when they start nursing school.  You’ll make a ton of money, you’ll be respected by all, it’s cake work, and you practically go to work in pajama-like clothing (<—that’s what sold me.)   When you get into the nursing field, you realize that it’s the opposite.

There aren’t that many perks of nursing, and let me also assure you, I don’t spend my time all Grey’s Anatomy/flirting with coworkers/eating in the cafeteria… even though it DOES happen.  It’s really hard sometimes and that’s coming from someone who works in an awesome hospital that treats employees, patients, and family like actual people and not just money.

For a good part of the time you are under appreciated by patients and their families, belittled by doctors, rare bathroom breaks, shoveling food down your throat, working 12 hour shifts, dealing with a great deal of other’s bodily fluids such as blood, snot, vomit, and lots of poop, and charting charting charting.
 You do get the reward of being appreciated sometimes, helping to save someone’s life, having a great team to work with, and a lot of days off in a row (if scheduled right.)

The thing is, I’ve seen people that graduate from nursing school or just other nurses that got into it for the wrong reasons.  If you don’t love your job, or at least enjoy it a little, then you’re in the wrong profession and you need to leave.  I’ve learned you cannot make people genuinely care about other people, and that’s a HUGE part of our job.  I’ve had coworkers that I wouldn’t let near my family member if they were in the hospital because I know they wouldn’t give two shits about them.source

Real life Nursing:

Your patient is screaming curse words at you and climbing out of bed, and you’ve only been at work an hour.

Your patient is uncontrollably vomiting and having liquid stools to the point of where it’s dripping out of the bed.

Your patient is on the call light every 15 minutes for 12 hours wanting to get out of the bed and into the chair, walk the halls, go to the bathroom, along with being rude to you the entire time, and you have two more patients to care for.source

I just encourage anyone that is getting into the medical field to research your career that you want to pursue, shadow a nurse for a couple of days, and talk to someone who works in that field.  I’ve seen too many people who get into it “for the money” when in reality, the pay isn’t that great for the amount of things you do.  You have to love your job and care about the well being of others.  If not, you will be a miserable person.  (This goes for anybody in any field for that matter.)

It’s not easy, but a lot of jobs aren’t easy either.  I do love my job and I love getting to care for people who need me. I just want other who get into this field to feel the same or at least have something to give of themselves.

I’ll get off my soapbox now, thanks for listening.


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