Sexy Catamarans

What in the world does my title mean?  Well, since you asked…

It’s fun to see what people search to get to my website and with my “Site Statistics” I’m able to see that.  It’s really interesting to see what stuff people are searching for and it makes me wonder who these people are…

Most popular searches that lead to my site in September:

“String Cheese Runner”

“Serge Ibaka”

“Ryan Hall”

“Meeting Brandon Boyd”

“Funny Zumba”
(I’m not sure why that brings people here a lot?)

“Aspaeris Shorts”

“Running Hip Injury”

The funniest/most interesting search terms in September:

“Gay Bears”
(Thanks to my Alicia Silverstone post awhile back.)

“What to tell my boss to get on day shift”
(Well don’t lie, just be honest)

“String Cheese Diarrhea”
(The story of my life.)

annnnnnd my favorite…

“Catamaran porn”

First of all, I don’t know why this brings people here, except maybe my post about being on a catamaran in the Cayman Islands.  Second of all, this has been typed in multiple times on different days, who and why are they looking for this?  Never mind, I don’t know want to know.

Soooo not to disappoint the people who end up on my website wanting this, here are some sexy beasts on a catamaran.
You’re welcome.

What are some funny search terms that led people to your website? 

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