Baby Shower

My friends/coworkers Stacy & David are expecting a baby at the end of November.  I was in charge of doing the work baby shower and I’m one of those weird people that actually kind of like doing showers. (Not taking showers though. Just kidding.  Sort of.)

The cake: Buttercream half white/half chocolate

The diaper cake:  There are many ways to make a diaper cake.  I did 128 Size 2 diapers rolled up with rubber bands around 3 bottles of lotion.   Ribbon wrapped around to hide the rubber bands, shredded tissue paper and a cute bear topper with a baby girl headband.

The whole gift table:

The whole set up:

It was a great turn out, not a typical shower since most of the people who came were working and could only stay 3 minutes since they had patients.
I didn’t do the games I usually do, that would’ve been useless.  I’m so glad they got some of the stuff they needed for their baby girl.

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