Spinning to Work

I am not biking to work, that’s not what this post is about.  I’m pretty sure that my patients wouldn’t want a sweaty nurse taking care of them, although on a rough night that can happen.  Just being honest.  Today is my first day shift, 7am to 7pm!  I will be sure to post all about it tomorrow…

This weekend, my friend Scott and I took a free pass at Gold’s Gym and went to a Spin Class and Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

Everyone was super nice in the spinning class, and the instructor was so helpful when it came to getting my bike prepared.  The lady next to me asked, “So why did you pick the hardest class for your first spin class?” I said, “I had no idea this was the hardest one?”  She said, “Oh honey.”

I figured she was exaggerating.  She was not.  It kicked my butt and also made it a little sore afterward.  I surprisingly have a good amount of cardio fitness left, even though I haven’t been able to run.  It was a hour of hardcore spinning and afterward we went to yoga to stretch it out.  Since the spin class was over at 10 and the yoga class started at 10, we were a little late.   We missed the first part of yoga, so I just couldn’t get into it at all.  It was nice to be able to stretch my legs though.

I’m excited to join that gym, they offer a lot of good classes!

Have you ever tried a spin class?  Did you enjoy it?


2 thoughts on “Spinning to Work

  1. I haven’t tried spinning, but everyone I know who does it, loves it. I’m glad you liked the gym enough to consider joining! Usually, I just take advantage of my friends and family who have a membership, and join them as their guest. 🙂

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