TSTs! Tempeh Spinach & Tomato Sandwiches

Before I started dating a vegetarian I had never even heard of “tempeh” or “seitan”.  Now after visiting many pinterest pages, blogs, and recipe websites, I feel like I’m somewhat schooled on these.  Tempeh is basically fermented soybeans and Seitan is wheat gluten.

These two are used as meat substitutes, taking on the flavor of what you cook it with or marinade.  The BF hasn’t ever tried tempeh or seitan, so I made it my mission to start making things with them in the place of meat.  I am not a vegetarian, but I also don’t HAVE to eat meat every meal.  

I have yet to try tofu in a meal either.  I’m doing things one step at a time.

Sooooo I decided to try Healthy Happy Life’s Vegan “Facon” Recipe.

The tempeh sliced as thinly as I could, placed in the marinade. It looks delicious and not like disgusting mush at all, right?

The aftermath of cooking, some pieces were a tad burnt.  It was a lot harder to turn the “facon” than it is bacon.  Luckily it was still tasty.

I didn’t have any lettuce, just spinach, so we made TSTs or “Tempeh Spinach and Tomato Sandwiches” instead of BLTs.

It was actually pretty good, the taste wasn’t overpowering but still there.  The texture wasn’t bad either, it kind of had a nutty taste to it as well.  I will definitely be using tempeh in more recipes.

Afterward, I was in a cooking mood so I decided to make Frozen Chocolate Banana Bites.  I ate too many of them… Not a great picture quality, but still yummy in my tummy (and the BF’s.)

Have you ever tried tempeh?  Do you have any good recipes for me to try?


2 thoughts on “TSTs! Tempeh Spinach & Tomato Sandwiches

  1. I love tempeh. I love tofu, and I LOVEE Seitan. I don’t eat them very often, but when I do I like both my tofu and tempeh “fried” on a pan in coconut oil. I usually cut the tempeh in half and fry each side until crispy and eat on a sandwich similar to what you did with the “facon.” Tofu is great with ANY grain and veggies, with a soy sauce or any other island style sauce.

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