Things I Miss About Running

This is just what it is.  A list of things I miss about running.  Those of you who hate running probably will not understand, much like I wouldn’t understand someone who actually misses swimming.

1. Being able to de-stress.
Seriously, it was like having my own personal psychiatrist.

2. Being Fit.
I know that sounds vain, but when I ran all the time, I didn’t really have to worry about gaining weight.  Now the weight just creeps on and I have flabby legs.

3. Buying running clothes, shoes, accessories…
Remember my addiction to Academy?  Well, it’s kind of useless when you are just buying running gear to wear around the house.

4. Running to good music.
I can still listen to music, but it’s different when you are running to the beat of that new song you just downloaded.

5. The Community.
In OKC we actually have a fairly large running community and it’s getting bigger each year.  I miss the runs on Saturday mornings and the evening runs on Thursdays with the groups.

6. Not being resentful.
When I was running, I was happy for other runners.  Now that I’m not running, I find myself resenting people who can run.  Like I said before, I don’t want to be that way, especially since Nicholas is a runner and literally runs every day.  I’m just saying it’s hard to not be bitter sometimes, but bitterness never helped the situation so I’m trying to stop that cycle.

7. Feeling of accomplishment.
I felt great when I would PR in a race or hit a distance that I hadn’t previously done before.  It’s amazing when you can say, “Yeah, I’ve ran 13.1 miles and my time didn’t suck.”

I’m really hoping to get back to running after my hip surgery, that is the ultimate goal.  I don’t have to run a marathon, but getting at least 25 mile weeks in would be great in my eyes.

Here is something funny I found for the runners out there.  Even though I’m bitter that you can run, you deserve to laugh.  I think… 😉 murphy's law


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