In the Beginning.

When I started having issues with my hip (December 2011) it stopped me from running.  I’d go from thinking I was better to running to hurting myself to resting to running to hurting myself and the cycle continued.

Here’s a link back to my Hip Issues that I posted in September, at that time I had not had a definitive diagnosis.

After 4 different doctors throughout last year telling me I just had tight muscles and I was out of alignment, I finally saw a doctor who thought I had a labral tear and ordered a MRA. Now, before we start congratulating this “doctor” and I use the term loosely, he only gets a D- because he spent 3 minutes with me, didn’t physically examine me, and he told me “if it’s a tear we will poke 3 holes, clean up the labrum, and in 20 minutes you’ll be good.”  Yeah.  Right.  I’m not an idiot.  He is a surgeon that was just eager to cut and didn’t care about anything else.  I got what I wanted though, a prescription for a MRA.

A MRA is a tad bit different from a MRI.  A MRA is an arthrogram in where they inject dye into your hip joint under fluoroscopy then you go into the MRI machine for about 45 minutes while it takes a billion images.

For an entire year, I was convinced I had a labral tear.  I had googled and researched so much that I knew and despite telling different doctors they all said, “Eh. It doesn’t fit the bill. You have tight muscles.”  No amount of foam rolling, deep tissue massage, ART was going to fix what was going on inside my joint, but I carried on.

After waiting for a week to get my report from the MRI place, I finally got my results.  The radiologist report read, “Labrum frayed and thinned, trochanteric bursitis, small OS acetabuli”

I had made the decision to not see this “doctor” again, so I got all my medical records, my X-Rays, and my MRA CD and reports and started compiling my list of doctors around the country that I was sending my reports to.

My X-Rays were on film and I could not find anyone in OKC who could convert my X-Rays to digital images so I could send them to multiple people.  I ended up sending my X-Rays to X-Ray Copy Service.  They did a great job and the owner was very nice and easy to work with.

I am a part of a couple of groups on facebook that are helpful to those going through hip issues.  These are the people who have gone through surgery and/or is trying to find the right surgeon, these are the people I listen to when it comes to finding a surgeon.

So my search for a surgeon will be continued in the next blog post…



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