Physical Therapy Pre-Op Day One

I started Physical Therapy per the Hip Specialist’s recommendations, along with a diagnostic steroid shot in my hip joint (which can’t be done until a couple of weeks due to scheduling.)

In physical therapy, I am noticeably more weak in my right hip, particularly my abductors
(Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius, Gluteus Minimus, TFL)
Abductor Muscles2*source

I have a lot of problems with a tight groin and adductors, which is what my PT called the Agonist Antagonistic effects with muscles, which could happen to any number of muscles.

He asked me some questions, did some stretches and mobilizations of different joints, and then showed me a couple of strengthening exercises to do at home.

Clam shell exercises, which I’ve done in the past, but without resistance this time.
This exercise strengthens my abductors.  10 reps x 3.
1203-clamshell_0After doing only 10 reps, I felt a pretty intense burn.  He said that it shows that I definitely need some work in that area.

Triangle Exercise  I can’t find a picture or a video that has it, but I’ll try and explain it to the best of my ability.

1. Stand on one leg.
2. Lift the other leg out to the side and contract side of hip muscles/butt.
3. Move the lifted leg back a little bit, stay contracted.
4. Go back to the center.

Do 10 reps x 3.   Another great burn.

I do these strengthening exercises every other day, and I see him on Friday.

I’m not sure how much these physical therapy appointments are, I have to pay 40% so I’m sure it’s not going to be cheap.

I did have an uplifting conversation with him, and this probably was the first time I actually had REAL hope about running again.  He has worked with hips and labral tears for 6 years.  I asked him with his experience, has he seen people able to go back to running and sports after their hip scope.

He said, “Oh yeah, especially people younger like you, they bounce back pretty fast, within 12 weeks.  It seems like when they are older, maybe after they hit 40, it’s harder for people to rebound.”

I am not going to be unrealistic about it, and I know things can happen and not everything is perfect, but to know that there truly is hope of me being able to function and not live a sedentary lifestyle is so magical to me…

I have to stay positive, because it is so easy to get down and depressed.  I’ve had my share of down days, and I’m going to try to keep looking in the upward direction.


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