Stomach Ulcers

Sorry I haven’t updated lately, I’ve been busy being a sickly 80 year old woman.

Once again I’m having stomach issues, not with my intestines and I’m not quite certain it’s Crohn’s related.

Sunday night I got sick, projectile vomited in the bathroom (sorry), and continued to be sick until Tuesday where I progressively felt less like death.  Ever since I got sick a month ago or so, my stomach has not been the same.  I have burning under my left rib cage which is now radiating to my back, reflux/regurgitation, and it just feels like my food sits in my stomach.

I’m guessing I have an ulcer, and I think that’s what my GI think because he scheduled me for an EGD (esophagogastroduodenoscopy, which basically means he looks at my esophagus, stomach, and duodenum.) Thankfully I don’t have to have a colonoscopy yet, the procedure isn’t bad, but the prep for it is disgusting.  All my Crohn’s/UC folks know what’s going on with that.  

My procedure isn’t until April 22nd, so he prescribed me some medication that is supposed to help.  It’s called Dexilant, never heard of it, read side effects, not taking it.  I would much rather find a natural way to help my ulcers instead of some crap pharmaceutical which will end up doing worse things to me than what’s going on.  I’m not the best patient.

I’ve been trying to find natural remedies for ulcers, I’ll test the remedies out and once I see how it goes, I’ll post my reviews.

I’m also going to stop eating soy products, because other than STRESS, that’s the only thing that’s really changed in my life.  So it’s back to eating more meat and/or no meat/no soy.


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